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Michael Simkin, Head Martial Arts Instructor

About Simkin's Martial Arts Academy in Galloway, NJ

Meet Michael Simkin

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Simkin's Martial Arts Academy in Galloway
Yon Dan (4th Dan)

Simkin's Martial Arts is the area's premier Martial Arts Academy, offering classes to kids and adults in the art of Goju-ryu karate and real world effective self-defense.

Our Goal is to help every student, whether a child or adult, to discover their full potential through the martial arts. After all, karate is about much more than kicks and punches. It's about realizing how powerful you truly are on the inside as well, and carrying that power into your life. This way you can accomplish things both physically, mentally, and spiritually that you may have once thought were impossible.

At Simkin's Martial Arts Academy we are interested in not only self-defense skills but also the complete personal development of each and every student. We offer classes to students as young as 4 years old where they learn the beginning movements and positions of the martial arts. These children begin to develop enhanced traits as well, such as focus, and positivity.

Our kids classes at ages 7 -12 begin to use a more serious level of training, using the philosophy of positive reinforcement to build Self Esteem, Unstoppable Confidence, Discipline and a positive “Yes I Can” attitude. Students in these classes also learn more advanced skills as they advance through the rankings.

In our Teen and Adult classes; Students learn in a mature environment learning realistic self-defense while getting in great shape and having fun. Fitness and getting in shape become even more important now that the body is fully developed, helping you become lean, strong, and healthier than ever.

How To Get Started

We'd love for you to come try our classes firsthand. Click on any program below to learn more about that specific martial arts class and to register for a risk-free trial.

We are located in the Galloway Village next to Shop Rite on the corners of Pitney Rd and Jimmy Leeds Rd in Galloway Twp. NJ and can be reached at 609-652-8881.

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